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Janet is the Climate Change and Cultural Resources Coordinator for the South Atlantic LCC. She focuses on the cultural, social, and economic components of LCC adaptation planning and understanding and communicating the ways people are culturally, socially, and economically connected with natural and cultural resources.

Reflections on the beauty of winter

What a wonderful treat this snow storm has been here in North Carolina...  

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NPS releases Cultural Resources and Climate Change Strategy

The Cultural Resources Climate Change Strategy (CRCCS) was just published on January 6; it addresses climate change across the National Park System and is aimed at helping park managers and scientists plan and implement responses. The NPS is the lead cultural resource agency for the federal government. In addition to the National Park System, it [...]

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Coastal Adaptation Strategies Handbook

Flooding in Marblehead, Massachusetts, caused by Hurricane Sandy on October 29. Brian Birke, Flickr. The National Park Service (NPS) just published a Coastal Adaptation Strategies Handbook that summarizes the current state of NPS climate adaptation and key approaches currently in practice or considered for climate change adaptation in coastal areas in order to guide adaptation [...]

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National Park Service Southeast Region climate change newsletter

Hi everyone, This is a newsletter I write about climate change for the National Park Service Southeast Region Parks. The purpose of the newsletter is to communicate about climate change happenings, etc... of interest to Park managers. If you have stories or ideas you'd like to contribute, I'm happy to include them in our next [...]

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Have you ever felt a sense of “solastalgia”?

This made it's way to my inbox a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share... You can access the original article here from the BBC. By Georgina Kenyon November 2nd, 2015 Have you ever felt 'solastalgia'? Ever feel unease that the natural environment around you is changing for the worse? There’s a word for [...]

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New climate change and sea turtles project

Several years ago, the South Atlantic LCC funded a project to link long-term survey data for four species of sea turtle, three species of shorebird, five species of seabird, and two beach mouse species to maps of coastal sea-level rise vulnerability to understand the effects of sea-level rise on population viability and socioeconomic resources. I'm happy [...]

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Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance grant

In the NPS we have a grant program called Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance. This program helps national park managers and their community partners achieve shared conservation and outdoor recreation goals beyond park boundaries. For more than a quarter century, the NPS, through the RTCA program, has provided assistance to more than 8,000 partner-based projects [...]

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Working with students on climate change adaptation

Hi Everyone, I am writing to share with you my experiences this past fall semester in working with a talented group of students at NCSU.  This past fall, we (NPS Southeast Region/South Atlantic LCC) formed a partnership with the Southeast Climate Science Center and NCSU to teach a graduate level course in climate change adaptation, [...]

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Climate-smart training, anyone?

Hi everyone, Every time I turn around there seems to be a new climate change training opportunity for a new climate change adaptation process or technique, only there doesn’t seem to be a new source of funding for new, large, extensive processes that have the potential to corral the entire staff to complete.  When I [...]

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Talking with Park Superintendents

Hi everyone, Last fall and this spring I’ve been developing a climate change response strategy and action plan for the NPS Southeast Region.  The plan sets goals for the NPS Southeast Region and identifies how the Region can meet those goals.  To support the Plan, I hosted calls with Superintendents of Parks to get their [...]

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