The South Atlantic LCC goes to Washington

Two weeks ago, the Department of Interior's National Climate and Energy Task Force invited the LCC Network and Climate Science Centers to provide a progress update and showcase their accomplishments at a meeting in Washington, D.C.  Both your Cooperative and the Southeast Climate Science Center sent staff—Rua, Adam Terando, and me—to make a presentation highlighting our successful [...]

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Conversing in conservation

The other day I was talking to a friend, an entomologist, about the under-appreciation of insects and reptiles. As we lamented over the lack of love for those that creep, crawl, pollinate, and break down the messier parts of life, my friend commented, “it’s too bad so many people assume any snake or spider they [...]

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Return of the Blueprint in Action

October is my favorite month of the year.  I love knowing that the leaves are starting to change back in the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains where I was born.  I love the crisp smell in the air when I ride my bike to work in the morning.  I love the exploding market for all [...]

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Confessions of a conservation planner

Nothing is as humbling as announcing to a room full of people, “I’m a conservation planner and have asked you to attend this meeting because I have a new planning tool to help you identify and prioritize your actions”.  As I watch eyes start to either glaze or glare, I smile in what even I [...]

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Working with the Conservation Planning Atlas and Conservation Blueprint – minding where we meddle

My grandmother, who had a way with words, once told me, “I love best the places where man has not meddled”. She really did not like it when people meddled.  She also told me that “city children knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about anything”.  By “city children” she meant me and the comment was inspired as [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum

September 19th, 2013: "Your input on next steps for Blueprint design" with Rua Mordecai, Science Coordinator, South Atlantic LCC Over the next few months, your cooperative will be creating a draft version 1.0 of the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint. This Blueprint will be a spatially-explicit map depicting the places and actions needed to sustain natural [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum

March 28th, 2013:  "Including cultural resources in the South Atlantic LCC Conservation Blueprint" with Janet Cakir, Socioeconomic Adaptation Coordinator, South Atlantic LCC **Please note the date change from the regularly scheduled third Thursday to the fourth Thursday due to the South Atlantic LCC's annual Steering Committee meeting. ** Instructions for Instant Net Conference (visual): 1. Click [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum

May 17th, 2012: "Filling the gaps in the Blueprint: This year and next" with Rua Mordecai, South Atlantic LCC Instructions for Instant Net Conference (visual): 1. Click here to join the meeting (please join about 5 minutes before start time). 2. Enter the required fields. Meeting Number: 441906303 Meeting Passcode:  there is no passcode – JUST LEAVE BLANK 3. Indicate [...]

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