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Third Thursday Web Forum: Intersections between coastal protection and fisheries

November 16th: “Intersections between coastal protection and fisheries” with Simeon Yurek, U.S. Geological Survey/South Atlantic LCC Oyster reefs were historically ubiquitous throughout the coastal areas of the southeastern United States, but have declined over recent decades in extent and abundance along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts and elsewhere. Identifying the combinations of factors leading [...]

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Defense Coastal/Estuarine Research Program (DCERP) symposium

Registration is now open! Click here to register. The Defense Coastal/Estuarine Research Program (DCERP) began in 2007 to study the ecosystem processes of the New River Estuary and its tributaries, the coastal marshes of the estuary and the Intracoastal Waterway, the barrier island of Onslow Beach, and the managed forested lands of Marine Corps Base Camp [...]

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Two new projects to improve the Blueprint and remove barriers to action

If you were at the Blueprint 2.0 workshops, you probably remember talking about barriers to action in Blueprint areas. You might also remember pointing out places where the Blueprint priorities made sense to you and other places where they didn't. If you were on an Indicator Revision Team, you probably remember pointing out issues with [...]

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Estuarine indicator revisions part 2

You may remember from last month that the estuarine ecosystem indicator revision team was exploring ways to integrate both wetland patch size and area of open water - vegetation edge into an Index of Wetland Structure. The intent was to capture important areas both for estuarine birds but also for shrimp, crabs, fish, and other [...]

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2 week comment period for estuarine indicators

The estuarine ecosystem team now has recommendations for revisions to your cooperative's estuarine indicators. These changes are now open for comment until August 18th. You can either comment at the bottom of this post or email me directly (rua@southatlanticlcc.org) Here are the proposed changes to the estuarine indicators: Index of Coastal Condition This index measures [...]

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Indicator revisions: Estuaries this month

This month the indicator revision process will focus on the estuarine ecosystems. Just like last month, the focus will primarily be on revising or replacing indicators that have clearly failed one of the practical criteria for indicators (They cannot be modeled based on current data and existing projects) Interested in being part of the discussions [...]

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