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2018 Social Coast Forum: ​Social science for coastal decision-making

The Social Coast Forum will be taking place from February 5-8, 2018 in Charleston, SC. Economic, social, and cultural values and beliefs greatly influence behavior and decision-making. Understanding people’s feelings and perceptions can have a tremendous impact on coastal management efforts. The Social Coast Forum is all about the “people” side of coastal management. If you have [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum – Longleaf pine management: Modeling increased water availability from prescribed fire

October 20th, 2016: “Longleaf pine management: Modeling increased water availability from prescribed fire” with Rua Mordecai, South Atlantic LCC The South Atlantic LCC has been collaborating with U.S. Forest Service hydrologists to predict increased water availability resulting from longleaf pine management. This is part of a larger effort to make proposals to national programs from the South Atlantic region [...]

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To target everyone is to target no one: What social marketing can offer conservation and management

Thursday, March 24, 1 pm US EDT “To Target Everyone Is to Target No One”: What Social Marketing Can Offer Conservation and Management by Diogo Veríssimo of Rare and Georgia State University. Marketing techniques, honed by the commercial sector, are inherently about getting people to change their behavior, whether it is buying a product, recycling, [...]

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