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Goals for the Workshop

  • Promote understanding and discussion regarding StrategicHabitat Conservation, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and theirimplications to individuals, programs, organizations, andpartnerships in the South Atlantic geographic area.
  • Foster an exchange of ideas, perspectives, and considerationsamong staff, programs, and leadership within the Service and withthe leadership of our conservation partners to assist inunderstanding and responding to each others’ expectations andconcerns regarding the South Atlantic Landscape ConservationCooperatives (SALCC).
  • Engage in a discussion of the challenges associated withimplementing a collaborative approach to landscape conservation atmultiple scales and to establishing a sustainable SALCC, anddetermine immediate or longer term needs or actions in response tothese challenges.
  • Discuss and refine the Interagency Scoping Team (IST)recommendations for advancing the development and operations of theSALCC.


  • Download the original workshop agenda.

Workshop Presentations in PDF format

Day One

Day Two

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