As you can see from Rua’s recent posts, the LCC staff has been visiting with a variety of people and organizations over the past few months.  This has been important in a variety of ways.  One is that it has helped us to consider and formulate some thoughts about the role or niche for the LCC.  We have begun to present these in some recent meetings and have received favorable feedback.  It would be very helpful to get your perspectives on these ideas.

The Niche:  We should be able to articulate how the LCC is different from any other existing partnership or organization.  Others may have one or two of the following components, but we don’t think that there is any other that has this combination.

  • Geographic scale – Across several states and partnerships
  • Taxonomic scope – Consider all taxanomic groups and cultural resources
  • Forward looking – Helping make decisons in the face of future change
  • Decision focused – Focus on the decisions that land managers, policy makers, and others need to support sustainable natural and cultural resources.
  • Adaptive – Use an adaptive science based approach.
  • Making connections and filling gaps – Between existing partnerships, states, organzations and between LCC’s. 

We have also drafted the following Mission and Vision



Develop and disseminate cross taxa conservation designs targeting envisioned future conditions.



The LCC becomes widely recognized for integrating the management needs with the science and planning necessary to provide viable conservaton strategies.


Again your feedback on these would be very helpful as the LCC staff prepares for the inaugural meeting of the LCC Steering Committee on February 1-2.