Last week marked a milestone in the formation of the South Atlantic LCC. On February 1& 2 the inaugural meeting of the partnership’s Steering Committee was held in Raleigh at the NC Wildlife Resource Commission headquarters. This meeting solidified the investment of a variety of organizations in the LCC concept. The Steering Committee represents a broad set of interests and organizations yet is a small enough group that it can work together effectively. The members embraced their role as the guiding coalition that will serve to establish vision, strategic direction and priorities for the partnership. They also acknowledged their role as ambassadors, representing within their individual spheres of influence how the LCC partnership can support sustainable landscape level conservation.

I was extremely pleased by the leadership demonstrated around the table to work to articulate a clear mission for this LCC and to establish guiding principles that will be our touchstones as we move forward. Another important accomplishment at this meeting was agreement to move forward with an organizational framework within which to conduct the business of the partnership. As soon as we can get confirmation from the Steering Committee on notes, products, and action items, we will post them.


This inaugural steering committee meeting also represented a transition. For the past year a strong supporting group of individuals and organizations helped in a variety of ways to develop a strong conceptual foundation from which to build. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the heavy lifting they have done.


Finally, I would like to acknowledge that this partnership must be larger than those that sat around the table last week. It is my belief that we must work to engage the minds, efforts, and enthusiasm of anyone who wishes to help in this collaborative approach to sustaining our nation’s natural and cultural resources. To that end you will begin to see opportunities to actively participate in the development of concepts, science needs, priorities, etc. I encourage you to connect with this partnership through these opportunities.


Thanks for your continued support,