Landscape Conservation Cooperatives are supposed to be a seamless network across the entire US. Of course, it’s easy to say that but making it happen is still a work in progress. I’ve had some great conversations with  the neighboring LCCs, the Southeast Climate Science Center, and the national network of LCC Science Coordinators about how we can best share ideas and collaborate on projects. So far most of our cross-border collaboration has been pretty informal (calls, discussions at meetings, etc.) but we’re working on more formal methods for working together both regionally and nationally.


Here’s the general approach that I’m trying to take when confronted with a potential LCC science need:

  1. Can we do it nationally (either through the National Climate Science Center or National LCC network)?
  2. If not, can we do it regionally (either Southeast Climate Science Center or across multiple LCCs)?
  3. If not, do it within the LCC but make sure products extend into other LCCs when it makes sense ecologically (Species ranges, Water basins, etc.)


If you have ideas or suggestions for how the SALCC could work better across LCC boundaries, please let us know.