Last week, the Steering Committee approved the Communications Committee Charter, and we’re off to the races! The first order of business will be to add one or two new members, flesh out the Communications Strategy, and craft our key messages — the foundation of all future communication products, from fact sheets to videos. Thanks to Breck Carmichael for suggesting an addition to the team. Nominations are still open.

Currently, the team includes myself, John Stanton and Jennifer Strickland, all from USFWS, Lindsay Gardner with SARP, Don Wollenhaupt with NPS, and Robin Hill and Rick Lavender with Georgia DNR, with Ken and Rua serving as ex officio members. I also have a good lead on a TNC communications staffer. Notification will go out next week to set up a teleconference call.

If you have any questions — or nominations for the committee — please call me at 404-679-7290 or e-mail me at