The South Atlantic LCC is beginning to build the science framework and information base to support development of a comprehensive landscape scale adaptation strategy for natural and cultural resources. The Southeast Regional Assessment Project and the Optimal Conservation Strategies Project are integral to this effort. As this work continues, the LCC Steering Committee has decided to develop some areas of strategic focus. This is important to ensure that the LCC emerges as a relevant partnership to resource managers confronting increasingly complex landscape scale challenges. To that end the LCC staff is seeking your insights and guidance on challenges you see facing conservation now or those on the horizon.

As food for thought we have provided a few potential examples:

Biofuels: How does the conservation community integrate demands for alternative energy sources with the need to sustain natural and cultural resources? Where are the areas of conflict? Where are there areas of concurrent benefits?

Land protection for terrestrial, aquatic, and cultural resources: How can the conservation community identify priority areas for land protection that give the biggest “bang for the buck” by simultaneously benefiting terrestrial, aquatic, and cultural resources?

Coastal Habitats & Cultural Resources: How can the conservation community integrate the diversity of demands on coastal resources with increasing sea level rise, human development, and other stresses? What information and analysis can the LCC partnership provide to support decision-making in this dynamic area?

These are just some ideas and the beginnings of many anticipated conversations. To the extent you have time and interest, we encourage each of you to get involved by sharing some of your issues/challenges to support strategic focus for the LCC. The collective ideas will be used to inform the development of a short list of 3-5 priorities for consideration by the Steering Committee.


You can now submit new ideas and vote on existing ideas for the strategic focus of the LCC in the Ideas section of the website. Each idea has a number next to it representing the number of votes it has received. You can vote on ideas using the arrow button next to that number. There is also a button to add new ideas. You can access the idea section here.