Despite some last minute travel restrictions, we managed to get a good diversity of conservation perspectives represented at the May 3-5 Workshop. That included folks from National Park Service, EPA, NCASI (representing the forest products industry), the Nature Conservancy, NRCS, FWS… The folks at this meeting are part of the small “phase 1” work team which will be expanded in the very near future.

We started the workshop by creating an extensive list of decision makers and the decisions they make and actions they implement (attached list coming soon). We then grouped these decision makers into resource managers, resource regulators, resource advocates and project funders. After considering the scope of decisions made in the SA LCC the group developed a problem statement that they felt captured the essence of the problem facing the LCC as it moves forward.

Problem Statement: “The LCC should serve as the umbrella group under which all of the partners come together to make decisions. With that in mind, our problem has two parts: 1) How do we help our partners choose actions and strategies that are based on a shared scientific understanding about the landscape of the Southeast? 2) How do we help partners solve common problems with shared objectives?”


From there, we worked on identifying measurable objectives for conservation decision makers in the LCC using the broad categories of natural, cultural, and socioeconomic resources. Then worked on a prototype model that would connect different types of conservation decisions to those measurable objectives. Finally, we wrapped things up by talking about next steps and a draft timeline.

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