I’m always talking with people about how, as staff of your LCC, I want to make sure everyone has a chance to help guide the LCC. The groups on this website are one of the major ways you can do that. Although I haven’t been able to reach all the groups just yet with specific decision to influence, I thought it would be good to mention a few groups that are already helping to specifically guide what the LCC is doing:


Geospatial Group


This group is now working on developing user friendly ways for partners in the LCC to access geospatial information. This is part of a larger effort to develop a seamless conservation planning atlas for all Southeastern LCCs. There’s a update on the latest progress and a draft overview of the planning atlas for the South Atlantic LCC available here:



Rivers and Streams Group


This group has been working on a consistent way to predict the impact of land use change, urban growth, and climate change on current and future instream flows in the SALCC. This information is not available at a fine enough scale to predict the response of the aquatic community. Thanks to this group your LCC should be able to change that in the near future. There’s an update on the latest progress here: