Election of Steering Committee Chair: Mallory Martin, Chief Deputy Director of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission was elected by the Steering Committee to serve as the Partnership’s first Steering Committee Chair. Mallory will be talking to other Steering Committee members to identify a possible co-chair.

Proposed Logo: The Steering Committee asked the LCC staff to attempt to develop a logo design that incorporates additional elements such as a human, cultural, wildlife, and partnership.

Optimal Conservation Strategy Project: The Steering Committee approved the proposal to continue the project to its completion in December 2011 while 1) using the upcoming strategic planning process to identify areas of strategic focus; 2) begin implementation of a strategic focus initiative in January 2012; 3) begin a more focused effort to deliver interim products (urbanization models, down-scaled climate models, etc) to partners; and 4) evaluate the efficacy of the OCS approach upon its completion.

Marine Extent of SALCC: Consensus was not reached on the proposal to engage partners throughout the adjoining state territorial waters and federal waters to the extent of the EEZ. The main concern expressed was the ability of the partnership’s existing capacity to consider this broad scale at this time. This proposal will be reconsidered in the context of the upcoming strategic planning effort.

Strategic Focus: Ken reported that he was close to selection of a contractor to support the Partnership in the development of a high level business plan to identify key lines of business, goals, and strategies for the next 3-5 years. Ken is convening the LCC Consulting team to assist in the development of the plan on behalf of the Steering Committee. The plan will be developed between now and December.

Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy: Documents related to this effort were provided with the agenda. Ken asked the Steering Committee to contact him if they had any questions.

Upcoming Steering Committee Meetings: Ken proposed regular monthly calls that would provide more opportunity for discussion and a less jam packed agenda. He will poll the group for the best days and times. Ken suggested that the Steering Committee plan its next face to face meeting in coordination with the strategic planning project schedule and possibly with the completion of the Optimal Conservation Strategy project.

Staff Capacity Update: An Information Transfer position will be joining the SALCC staff in the near future. This position is funded by contributions from the Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station. This position will provide capacity to step up efforts to deliver products supported by the Partnership such as down-scaled climate models and urbanization models. In addition, SALCC staff is currently in the process of selecting a Geospatial Analyst to provide a much needed capacity to the core staff.