One of the first things I did as science coordinator was put together a database of landscape-scale projects in the region that were either funded directly by your LCC or by other partners. It helped me get my head around all the great work already happening in the area. I also put up a simple access point to the projects database that showed upcoming products in the region for the next few years. Partly because when I mentioned some of these upcoming products many people didn’t even know they were coming.


The current database was a quick and not particularly user-friendly way to get the information out about current and future products. The staff of your LCC are now going to work with members of the Technology Transfer Group on the website to redesign that database to make it an even more valuable tool for everyone in the region. Remember, group membership is open to anyone, so if you want to help with this effort, please join the Technology Transfer Group.


For more information on the project database redesign click here