Your South Atlantic LCC has initiated an effort to develop a high level Strategic/Business Plan.  Today we are launching a short survey to gather input from our web community and others.  Steering Committee members are also being interviewed about their interests and expectations for their Cooperative.  There will be additional opportunities for you to provide input along the way.  In addition we will keep you informed about what we learn and about the components of the plan as it develops.  We expect the plan to be completed by the end of January 2012.  I encourage you to provide your feedback to help make sure your partnership is focusing on the things you think are important.  


It has been about eight months since the SALCC Steering Committee first met to form the Cooperative.  Since then staff have been working on a number of efforts including: establishing a prototype conservation planning framework, connecting with partners and customers, identifying and funding key science gaps, and building the staff capacity to support our conservation mission.  We have learned much over these past months.  A key learning is that we need to make sure that your Cooperative establishes a simple strategy for moving forward over the next few years.  It is critical to define success and identify the key strategies that will give us the best possible chance to achieve it.  We look forward to your ideas and feedback.