A topic I’ve been deliberating lately has been focused on cultural resources and what does “conservation of cultural resources” mean for the SALCC?  It’s such a broad subject; we all seemed to agree we needed some focus.  I began to pull together a committee to help us think through this, but quickly realized that I needed to narrow it down a little to even be able to recruit participants for the committee.  So, for now, I’ve decided to approach cultural resources from the perspective of those natural landscape resources that support cultural practices, archaeological evidence of past cultures and their use of natural resources, and natural historic landscapes (ex. Longleaf pine, rice fields, battlefields, plantations etc…).   This is just the piece I’m thinking of biting off first.  If you’re interested in cultural resources and would like to help us develop some actionable ideas we could put before the steering committee, let me know.  It would be great to get together and talk through them.