Hi Everyone,

    This past month I attended my official orientation at the National Park Service regional office in Atlanta.  It was a fantastic experience through which I learned the inner workings of how parks operate and how the regional office provides technical assistance to the parks.  Having tuned in to the goings-on in the park service side of my job, I came across something that the wider SALCC group might be interested in.  The NPS is sponsoring two fantastic student opportunities that would be a great experience.  One is for a graduate student and the other is for an undergraduate student. 

The first is a research fellowship program for MA/MS/PhD students interested in conducting research related to climate change in national park units. The projects must be relevant to park resources management needs, and may be in the diverse range of natural, social, and cultural science disciplines. We are now accepting proposals from students.  Below is the official announcement, please spread the word by distributing to anyone who might be interested.


The second is a paid internship program for undergraduate students, early graduate students, and recent graduates interested in working on climate change related projects in parks and NPS programs. The projects are diverse and include research, education, communication, policy development, mitigation, etc.  Parks and NPS programs submit proposals for 12-week internship projects, and students will be able to apply to the selected internship projects starting in late February.

Below is a program brief that summarizes the fellowship and internship programs.