Here are a few recent examples of how your LCC staff is working to coordinate with other LCCs:

  • In about an hour, I’ll be talking with science staff from the Gulf Coast Plains and Ozarks and Peninsular Florida LCCs to discuss how we can make sure science products and conservation plans are seamless across LCC boundaries.
  • Last month, Ken was one of 20 of the 22 LCC coordinators who met to talk about consistency and coordination across the entire North American LCC network.
  • At the October SEAFWA meeting, I met with Southeast Climate Science Center staff and staff of other Southeast LCCs to discuss LCC/Climate Science Center coordination
  • In response to a request from SEAFWA, Ken and I met with staff from all the southeast LCCs at the end of September to talk about integrating conservation plans to create a southeast conservation adaptation strategy
  • I have been working with my counter part in the Gulf Coast Plains and Ozarks and the South Atlantic and GCPO Geospatial groups to develop a consistent way for sharing and delivering geospatial information across all southeastern LCCs (Conservation Planning Atlas).
  • As member of the National LCC data management committee, I will be on a call in about 10 minutes to talk about a consistent data management policy for LCCs nationally