The SALCC Steering Committee met in January for two days at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia.  The meeting accomplished all of its objectives, moving the Cooperative forward in several key areas.

Strategic Plan

The primary of objective of this meeting was to adopt a Strategic Plan.  Last October the Cooperative initiated a strategic planning process focused on clarifying its Mission and Goals.  A planning team, consisting of SALCC staff and twelve additional individuals representing diverse perspectives was supported by the Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (IECR) and Group Solutions in this effort.  During the meeting, the Steering Committee conducted a thorough review of the draft plan, made significant improvements, and through a consensus decision adopted the plan and indicated their intent to support its implementation.   A complete version of the strategic plan will be posted on this website in the near future. The plan includes a revised mission statement for the Cooperative:

The mission of the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative is to create a shared blueprint for landscape conservation actions that sustain natural and cultural resources.

It also identifies five goals that will focus the Cooperative’s efforts over the next several years:

1. Provide a shared vision and blueprint for enhancing SALCC conservation planning and investments.

2. Provide support for conservation investment decisions.

3. Facilitate collaboration to maximize conservation investment.

4. Promote data integration and sharing.

5. Evaluate and report progress.

The Steering Committee also provided staff with input on where effort should be focused within the next 12-18 months.  The Steering Committee will be provided with a list of specific work products to reflect those priorities during their March conference call.

SALCC Geography

During this meeting the Steering Committee adopted the outer limit of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (200 nm) as the marine boundary for the Cooperative.

Climate Change Project

The Steering Committee approved support for the Southeast Natural Resources Leadership Group project.  This project will seek to align federal interests with those of local partners within the Albemarle-Pamlico area of North Carolina to accomplish a climate change adaptation project.

Future Flows in SALCC Rivers & Streams

A key information gap to support development of the SALCC Conservation Blueprint is related to how climate change and population growth will impact freshwater flows throughout the SALCC geography.  The Steering Committee approved support for a projectproposed by The Nature Conservancy and Research Triangle Institute to fill this gap.

Pictures from the Steering Committee Meeting held at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia January 18-19, 2012