Hi Everyone,

I want to give you all an update on our work with the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC to create a conservation planning atlas for Southeast LCCs. As you may remember, the SALCC has identified a need for a platform that serves a limited number of key spatial datasets to support landscape conservation and allows end-users to easily discover, assess, and integrate existing data and tools. The conservation planning atlas is being explored as a way to meet that need.  During this exploration, we received feedback from partners that they want to be able to view data that spans across all of the Southeast LCCs.  Therefore, this atlas should be built in a way that allows each of the LCCs in the Southeast have their own custom node, while also allowing users to “zoom out” to view the entire Southeast area. 

The South Atlantic and the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCCs offered to work together to scope out this project while keeping the other Southeast LCCs informed of their work.  Back in September, a conference call was held between small teams from the SALCC and the GCPOLCC to discuss how a platform could be configured.  There were some slight differences in needs between the LCCs and the efforts on this project were slowed down for a bit.  However, we are now ramping up the energy behind this effort. 

During the September conference call, the group decided to identify a subset of the existing atlases that are available and have the best potential to serve this purpose.   Many suggestions of atlases were generated.  Larry Handley, from the GCPOLCC, and I are following up on that effort by reviewing and comparing these suggestions.  We have developed a scorecard to help us compare available atlases and capture notes about these atlases.  This has also given us the opportunity to benefit from “lessons learned” by similar efforts. 

For more information check out the Geospatial Group