Last week I had the opportunity to spend time in the Nation’s Capital working on National LCC Network coordination and briefing a variety of NGOs and Congressional Offices.  I spent one day meeting with LCC Coordinators from around the county.  That meeting focused on development of governance and decision-making processes related to the LCC Network.  We also worked on a process for revising LCC boundaries, reviewing a Network “branding” effort, and providing feedback on the development of a National LCC Network Council.

The following day I took the opportunity to visit with staff from a number of Congressional offices.  These included the offices of Senator Chambliss (GA), Senator Burr (NC), Rep. Kingston (GA), Rep. Price (NC), and Rep. Clyburn (SC).  This was the first opportunity that most of these offices had to learn about the SALCC and our  support for conservation efforts within their areas.  All staff expressed interest in continuing to learn about the SALCC and provided me with contacts for local district staff.

On the third day of my visit, I participated with other LCC coordinators in briefings and discussions with natural resource NGOs.  The Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, and the National Wildlife Refuge Association hosted a morning session, with about ten NGOs represented.  In the afternoon the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies hosted a session with five additional organizations.  I presented a summary of the current focus of the SALCC during both sessions and participated in an informative dialogue.  The organizations appreciated this continuing dialogue and update on the formation of the LCC Network and the SALCC.  I made an important contact with the Trust for Public land during this session.  We have since scheduled a follow-up discussion to share the SALCC Blueprint approach and to learn about local and national TPL programs.