Hi Everyone,

    The mission of the SALCC is to create a shared blueprint for landscape conservation actions that sustain natural and cultural resources.  To better understand the issues related to cultural resources, I am holding a call to begin a dialogue between stakeholders working in cultural resources and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives in the Southeast. It is important for LCCs to understand the needs of cultural resource managers working toward conservation in a changing landscape. Understanding the challenges faced today and anticipated tomorrow will help LCCs understand how they can be of benefit to the cultural resource conservation community.  If you would like to join us on the call or would like to nominate someone, please contact me and I will provide you with more information. Below are the attendees who I have confirmed thus far…

Confirmed Attendees:

  • LCCs: Bill Uihlein, Ken McDermond, Jean Brennan, Tim Breault, Greg Wathen, Bill Bartush, Ginger Deason
  • NPS: Janet Cakir, Stanton Enimoto, Sherri Fields, Dan Scheidt, David Morgan, Gayle Hazelwood, Ray Albright, Louise Hose, Mark Hardgrove
  • Other: Michelle McCollum (Director South Carolina Cultural Heritage Corridor)
  • State Historic Preservation Officers: Jeffrey Crow (NC), David Crass (GA), Robert Bendus (FL)


  • Welcome and purpose for the call
  • Introductions
  • Overview of LCCs (Bill Uihlein)
  • Overview of definitions of cultural resources (Stanton Enimoto)
  • Discussion Questions:
    • Who needs to be at the table to represent cultural heritage/resource stakeholders for each of the LCCs?
    • What are the challenges facing the NPS and States in preservation of cultural resources?
    • What type of cultural resource/heritage information or data should be considered as part of landscape scale analyses?
    • What are the challenges with fully integrating CR issues into the LCC framework and workplans?