Last week I was fortunate to be able to attend the National LCC Workshop in Denver, Colorado.  This workshop modestly expected to see about 150 people register.  In the end, the registration had to be cut off at 400.  I was impressed by the number of attendees, but probably more so by the diversity of the over 100 organizations represented.  There was high energy as all of these folks came together around the idea of working a bit differently to conserve our natural and cultural heritage into the future.  Previous meetings about LCCs have been more about expaining the idea.   In Denver it was clear that the momentum has shifted.  The discussion now is about exploring the variety of approaches, tools, and opportunities for how the LCC enterprise can provide the needed integration and focus for landscape conservation efforts.

On the opportunity front, I was impressed to hear about the idea of a Wildlife Habitat System for the nation and the National fish, wildlife, and plant climate adaptation strategy.  Both of these national level efforts anticipate a role for the network of LCCs.  I encourage you to review these ideas and think about how the South Atlantic LCC might support their ideas.

There were many other excellent and thought provoking presentations and discussions during the workshop.  Most are available on the workshop website.

I encourage others who participated in the workshop to share their thoughts in response to this post.