Congratulations SALCC team!

Our Strategic Plan was the basis of our being awarded the Environmental Conflict Resolution 2012 (ECR2012) Award for Innovation in Technology-Enhanced Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution!! Technologically based development techniques, collaboration among a broad audience, effective teamwork and speed of consolidation/production were highlighted as reasons for our selection. The award was presented to the team by Dr. Anne Udall at the ECR2012 Awards Banquet on May 24th. After the presentation our team member, Brett Boston, was able to demonstrate the computer aided collaboration technology we used throughout development of the Strategic Plan and other key documents now adopted by the SALCC. This is a great honor as there were many worthy submissions. For the committee to choose ours, is recognition that we do have a diverse and talented team and have made a tremendous amount of progress in a very short time. Congratulations to everyone.


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