The Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO) engages climate change challenges to forest stewardship head on. Developed jointly through a partnership between the Eastern and Western Threat Centers and multiple National Forest System regions, TACCIMO pulls together in one place the science-based information managers need to plan across multiple forests and scales.

TACCIMO leads forest managers through the thought process of assessing what climate change may mean for their specific forests. Based on emerging needs and discussion between scientists and managers, TACCIMO is constantly updated with searchable quotations from peer-reviewed scientific literature that describe impacts and management options. To make the connection between science and management literal, forest plans for all of the national forests east of the Mississippi are provided in TACCIMO as an organized resource. A custom map viewer enables exploration of climate change projections across selected regions.

Before TACCIMO, there was no central resource for national forest planners and managers to turn to. Even more important than putting the information all in one place, TACCIMO provides a visual interface where multiple types of information can be connected or layered with existing forest plans. Forest managers can see what the potential impacts are in a given area, what management options exist, and which aspects of their existing plan might be affected. The TACCIMO experience is captured in exportable science reports that document climate change impacts on forest planning and management, while spatial variability and projected range of future climate are presented in geospatial reports.

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