The FY2012 LCC national funding opportunity has just been released! Under this funding opportunity, financial assistance from the USFWS will be awarded for projects that address the following priority theme areas: Synthesis Products to Advance National LCC Network Coordination and Function; Addressing Existing Needs Identified by National or Large-scale Conservation Efforts; Development of Performance Measures for Landscape Conservation and the LCCs; Enhancing Landscape Planning and Ensuring Compatible Landscape Planning across the National LCC Network; and LCC Network-wide Data Integration and Dissemination.


Projects that address these themes will provide critical science, information, or tools that have wide utility to multiple LCCs or the LCC Network and will increase the capacity of the LCCs and the associated partner organizations to conduct landscape conservation. 


You can find it by clicking here (Funding Opportunity Number F12AS00218). The closing date for applications is 7/15/2012. 


The full announcement is also attached below. Please share with your networks.

LCC National Funding Opportunity