National LCC Network Update


Over the past year I have been participating in the National LCC Strategy team to identify LCC Network needs and match those needs with potential forms (organizational bodies) to support those needs.  My participation in this team provides perspectives from the South Atlantic LCC, an LCC Steering Committee Chair, and a state fish and wildlife agency.  The team includes a broad diversity of perspectives.  Concurrent with the work of this team, the twenty-two LCC Coordinators have formed a team that will logically fulfill many of the needs identified.  Ken will be reporting on this effort in the near future.  To date the National LCC Strategy team has created a comprehensive list of needs and has cross-walked those needs with existing bodies such as the LCC Coordinators Team (LCT).  The team is currently developing a proposal for how the remaining unmet needs might be fulfilled.   I look forward to providing updates as the work of the National Strategy team progresses.