When I first started as Science Coordinator, one of my biggest challenges was keeping track of all the major landscape scale projects going on in the region. This includes all the major projects, not just those done for the cooperative. What are the products they’re going to produce? When are they going to be ready?

Since knowing the answers to those questions is part of my job, I started a projects database for keeping track of everything. The one thing that was missing, though, was a nice, user-friendly way for you to access all that information on what products were coming soon, when they’d be ready, and where to get them.

Now, thanks to the help of folks in the Technology Transfer Group, we’re just a few months away from having a new projects page that will allow you to do just that. Here are a few of my favorite features: 1) the ability for users to enter their email addresses to get updates on specific projects, 2) the ability for folks to make a customized version of the projects interface and embed it in their own website, and 3) a quick and simple way to filter projects based on things like threat, ecosystem type, and target audience.

You can read more here.