As a step in the evaluation and revision of the North Carolina Wildlife Action Plan, biologists and scientists with the NCWRC conducted a collaborative review of the NC Natural Heritage Program’s draft habitat vulnerability assessment reports.  This review considered how the climate change impacts  discussed in the habitat reports are likely to affect federal and state listed species, species of conservation concern, and species identified as priorities for conservation (collectively, species of concern). 


During the collaborative review, information about wildlife species gained during field surveys, research investigations, and review of scientific literature was considered and incorporated into discussions about climate change impacts.  The reports have been condensed to focus the discussion primarily on how climate change impacts are likely to affect fish and wildlife species, especially species of concern. 


The NCWRC requests volunteers to participate on a Stakeholder Advisory Committee to further review the condensed habitat reports and provide comments on likely impacts to wildlife and recommendations for conservation actions.  Once these condensed habitat reports have been broadly reviewed and comments incorporated, the final habitat reports will be incorporated into the revised Wildlife Action Plan. 


If you would like to volunteer contact Cindy Carr, Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator, by email to or visit our website