Tilapia species collected at Loxahatchee NWR. Photo credit: USFWS.
Original article provided by Jeffrey Herod, USFWS Region 4 Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator.


The Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) Science and Data Committee (SDC) has a new Aquatic Nuisance Species Work Group (ANSWG).  Current members include:  Emily Watson (USFWS), Luci Cook-Hildreth (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department), Steve Walsh (USGS), and Jeffrey Herod (USFWS and SARP AIS/ ANS Coordinator).  The ANSWG has drafted a vision document (in review) and is coordinating on a pilot project examining the aquatic habitats occupied by ANS in the SARP geography.  These efforts were initiated in January and will continue into the fall of 2012.  The ANSWG meets via a monthly conference call.  The group will be providing presentations and short topical updates to SARP members.  The subject matter of these updates will include species-specific distributions and risk assessments (e.g., Asian Carp, Snakeheads, Tilapia spp, Lionfish, and Giant Salvinia), capacity building for SARP State ANS Coordinators (e.g., State ANS Plans, Incident Command System training, USGS NAS database updates, and environmental DNA), and SARP-wide initiatives (e.g., EDRR network, Biosecurity, and HACCP).  SARP would like to increase ANSWG membership to 10 by the end of 2012.  Please consider joining this effort.  If you have any questions or comments please contact Jeffrey Herod at jeffrey_herod@fws.gov.