As Rua mentioned in his blog post, synthesizing the existing information on natural resources indicators is my main project this summer as an intern with your cooperative.  I’m currently compiling into a spreadsheet all the indicators recommended or used by various conservation groups, expert conferences, management plans, and agencies across the South Atlantic.  Instead of starting at the beginning, we can take full advantage of the hard work and expertise of our collaborators to create a potential pool of indicators that has been thoroughly researched, vetted, and subjected to expert opinion.  The effort is already underway, and you can find a live, continuously-updating version of that spreadsheet on the indicators page.  Check it out, and let me know what you think! 

The spreadsheet is organized by each of the habitat types identified in our 2012 Science Assessment, and you’ll find some additional tabs for uncategorized indicators, cultural or socioeonomic indicators, and non-biological habitat metrics.  Our priority is to achieve ecological integrity for each habitat, and the chosen indicators and their target levels will help us measure how well we achieve that goal.  Want to suggest another source or give me some feedback?  Shoot me an email at  We already received great input at our Third Thursday web forum, and we want to make the list as comprehensive as possible!