I know a number of you have been wondering when your cooperative was going to identify measurable indicators and targets for natural resources. How will we all collectively measure success? How will your cooperative build off of all the existing plans to find a unifying set of measures we can all rally behind? What are those indicators and targets that will paint a compelling picture of the future of the South Atlantic region.

That process is now underway. A Natural Resource Indicator team has been formed and had it’s first meeting last month. This team is focusing on the developing the process for identifying indicators and targets. The current plan is to have a draft recommendation by September. Setting indicators and targets was also the topic of the last Third Thursday Web Forum. Recommendations on the process from that forum were brought to the Indicator team for their first meeting and are being incorporated into the draft document.

To support this overall process, Hilary is working on synthesizing the indicators and targets from existing plans. Read more about those effort in her blog post.

I’ll bet you have a bunch of questions. Who’s on the team? What’s the current timeline? You can get that info and more over on the new indicators page