Lots of great things will be happening over the next few months related to natural resource indicators and targets for your cooperative:  

  • The synthesis of existing natural resource plans is almost done. Check out Hilary’s post for the latest results from that effort. 
  • The next Third Thursday Web Forum will be a discussion of the results of the synthesis of natural resource plans
  • If all goes well, after the Sept 25th web meeting of the SALCC Natural Resource Indicator team there will be a draft version of the process for setting indicators and targets for you to review and comment on
  • In person workshops in October to review and provide feedback on draft indicator process (see schedule below)

Here’s the most up-to-date schedule

  • July 24: First full team web meeting
  • Aug – Sept: Smaller writing team works on draft
  • Sept 25: Full team web meeting to result in draft process
  • Oct 2-4: Workshop in Raleigh to discuss / review draft process
  • Oct 16-18: Workshop in Savannah(?) to discuss / review draft process
  • Late Oct – Feb 2013: Cooperative implements process
  • February 2013: Final priorities approved by Steering Committee

Here are the members of the Natural Resource Indicator Team that are working on the draft process:

  • Jon Ambrose – GA DNR / SWAP
  • Shannon Deaton – NC WRC / SWAP
  • John Stanton – FWS / ACJV
  • Linda Pearsall – NC DENR / Natural Heritage
  • Robert Boyles – SC DNR, Marine division
  • Pete Campbell – FWS / ENCSEVA
  • Dean Carpenter – NC DENR / APNEP
  • Maria Whitehead – TNC
  • Duke Rankin – USFS
  • Tim Pinion – NPS
  • Wilson Laney – FWS/ Numerous partnerships
  • Roger Pugliese – SAFMC
  • Reggie Thackston – GA DNR / Private lands
  • Breck Carmichael – SC DNR
  • Rick Durbrow – EPA / SENRLG
  • Vic Engel – USGS / Everglades restoration

All this info and more is being regularly updated on the indicators page