There’s lots going on related to habitat connectivity in the South Atlantic LCC recently. Things are going well on the SALCC habitat connectivity project (see Ron’s update on the project) and Ron and others are helping with a Southeast Climate Science Center project to model model connectivity across the entire southeast. At the same time, Ron and Amy (your SALCC GIS Coordinator) are helping with the connectivity aspects of a TNC project looking at terrestrial resilience in the face of climate change

With so much happening related to terrestrial connectivity, it’s perfect timing that Ron just formed a new website group on habitat connectivity. This group can now be a vehicle for getting feedback from the web community (that’s you!) on connectivity related efforts and questions. In the past, your cooperative has used the web groups to review draft products, set up calls and discussions to help guide funded projects, and to refine information gaps needed to create the South Atlantic LCC Conservation blueprint. So, if you’re interested in connectivity related issues go join the group.