On October 29th, an orientation Webex was held for the newly formed Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment (GCVA) project teams. The GCVA is a collaborative project led by the four Gulf LCCs and Climate Science Centers, NOAA, and the Gulf of Mexico Alliance. Its goal is to enhance conservation and restoration planning by providing an understanding of the effects of sea level rise and climate change on Gulf of Mexico coastal ecosystems and their species. Our target audiences are Gulf of Mexico coastal and estuarine resource managers, state and regional conservation planners, and the conservation partnerships of the Gulf Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs).

   The Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment consists of three primary modules: the Regional Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, and Potential Impacts Assessment and will be implemented through October 2013. The GCVA will also initiate steps to transition between the vulnerability assessment and the development of a Gulf Coast climate change and sea level rise adaptation strategy. An adaptive approach will also be incorporated into the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment to monitor progress in meeting project goals, update components as new data or models become available, and reassess the vulnerability and potential impacts to coastal ecosystems and species from climate change and sea level rise.

   Stakeholder engagement is an important part of the GCVA. Engagement efforts will include a broad range of partners through a Project Consultation Team as well as subject matter experts through the Climate Experts Team and the Ecosystems & Species Experts Team. Stakeholders, such as LCC partners, will also receive regular opportunities to provide input as the project proceeds.

   Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the GCVA.
GCVA Orientation Webex Oct 29 2012