What: NOAA’s 11th Annual Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop (CPASW)
When: April 23-25, 2013
Where: Logan, Utah
Integrated Theme: Climate Information for Natural Resource Management
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We invite abstracts demonstrating a broad array of climate information applications in water, energy, land, forest, wildlife, habitat, and other natural resources management. Presentations may illustrate the use of climate prediction in special-purpose programs such as wildfire risk reduction, species recovery, ecosystem restoration, and flood and drought response. Special emphasis may be on the synthesis of scientific information for user applications, various aspects of social sciences as a cross-cutting discipline for extended range preparedness, vulnerability assessments, or scenario development and planning. Presentations may focus on examples of web-based tools for climate-sensitive decision support, sustainability of resources, product usability, and performance evaluation. We encourage submission of abstracts on topics of environmental data stewardship including data access, distribution, quality, and availability, and their impact on decision support. We also invite discussions on climate science and service partnership between government, non-government, public and private organizations.

Abstract deadline: December 14, 2012. The abstract submit form is NOW AVAILABLE at this site below:

Registration and logistics information will be available on December 14, 2012

Who should attend the 11th annual CPAS Workshop:
•    Decision-makers who utilize climate predictions, products, and services
•    Researchers working on applications of climate info in various fields of Natural Resource Management
•    Developers and providers of climate applications and tools
•    Applied climatologists and scientists who use climate information
•    Social scientists who work with climate-sensitive stakeholders

For more information about CPASW please visit:

For questions please contact workshop organizers:

Simon Wang (simon.wang@usu.edu, 435-757-3121)
Robert Gillies (gillies.robert@gmail.com, 435-797-2190)
Andrea Bair (andrea.bair@noaa.gov, 801-524-5137)
Marina Timofeyeva (Marina.Timofeyeva@noaa.gov, 301-713-1970 ext. 131)
Jenna Meyers (Jenna.Meyers@noaa.gov, 301-713-1970 ext.123)