By now, you’ve all heard/seen this headline:

2012 Was Hottest Year on Record for Contiguous U.S.



What’s weird is what’s happening on the other side of the globe:

China’s Coldest Winter in Decades


Are these two headlines at odds?


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Here are some highlights:


The [Chinese] national meteorological administration said China is seeing dropping temperatures partly because of south-moving polar cold fronts, caused by melting polar ice from global warming. It said the air is moist and likely to dump heavy snow in China, Europe and North America.”


“The unusually cold winter this year in China may be a result of the record loss of Arctic sea icethis summer, Chen Yu, senior engineer of the National Climate Center, told China Daily onFriday.

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the United States, Arctic sea ice shrankto a record low on Sept 16, to an average total area of 3.61 million square kilometers.

“Observation and data analysis showed that Arctic sea ice loss may cause cold and snowywinters in parts of Asia,” Chen said.

She explained that when sea ice melts in the Arctic, the water temperature increases. Whenthat happens, the air becomes moister and is more likely to form cold fronts.”



Yep – global weirding!