Just about a year ago the SALCC completed a strategic plan to guide actions over three to five years.  Since that time the SALCC staff, steering committee, and many of you have been engaged in pursuing the mission and goals outlined in that plan.  I have compiled the top accomplishments of the Cooperative during the past twelve months.

Now it’s time for a check-in with you about how we all did.  In support of our collective commitment to regularly evaluate the progress of the Cooperative, I am seeking your participation in a short 10 minute survey.  Your input will be used to inform the Cooperative’s annual report card.  Surveys and interviews with steering committee members and a few others will also inform that evaluation.  All of this information will be shared at a steering committee meeting in March.  A final report card and a work plan for the next twelve months will be completed during that meeting and shared with you.

As the Coordinator for the SALCC it is my role to help provide day to day leadership for the Cooperative on behalf of all of you.  I truly value your perspective on how the Cooperative is meeting the expectations we all set a year ago. Thanks in advance for sharing your valuable perspective so that we can all turn our shared vision for conservation into reality.  Please click here to take the survey now.