I just wanted to provide an update on the establishment of aquatic liaisons for each of the surrounding LCCs.  Aquatic liaisons are performing collateral duty as investment staff, serving the cooperative, providing aquatic expertise and also linking the cooperative directly to the Southeastern Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) and working to provide connectivity across the aquatic landscape.  The liaisons regularly communicate with the LCC staff by taking part in the weekly staff calls, participating in meetings, and on science teams, and also actively serving on the SARP science and data committee.  The liaisons also communicate with one another monthly to provide necessary updates across the adjacent cooperatives and with SARP.  Aquatic liaisons first became active in 2012 in the SALCC and GCPO, but are now up and running in the five neighboring cooperatives. Wilson Laney and I serve as your SALCC aquatic liaisons and have recently been involved in the selection of aquatic indicators and working with the SARP science and data committee to update the aquatic targets.  In addition, liaisons have been identified for surrounding LCCs with Glenn Constant (FWS) serving the Gulf Coast Plains Ozarks LCC, Peggy Shute (FWS) serving the Appalachian LCC, Tom Champeau (FWC) and John Galvez (FWS) serving the Peninsular Florida LCC, and Steve Magnelia (TPWD) serving the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC.  If you have any questions about the aquatic liaison role and the work we are doing, or would like to discuss anything related to aquatics that you feel is pertinent to the SALCC or SARP, please do not hesitate to contact me at Catherine_Phillips@fws.gov or 850-769-0552 ext.242.