The Southeast Partners in Flight Executive Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the new SE-PIF website at This new website is a group on Griffin Groups, a professional networking tool to plan, organize, collaborate, and publicize conservation projects, among many other uses.


There were two major reasons why we chose Griffin Groups for the new website:

1)      The SE-PIF website and its members are now part of a larger conservation network instead of a stand-alone site.

2)      There are many tools on this network that allow SE-PIF members to add, link, and organize information, instead of relying on a webmaster to make these updates.

While most of the SE-PIF group’s content (e.g., blogs, files, discussions, photos) will be visible for public viewing, registering to the site and joining the group provides members with additional privileges, such as: 

1)      Notification when new content is added (this can be turned off in your settings)

2)      Ability to add and comment on content

3)      Ability to subscribe to content so that you are notified when people comment on it.

4)      Ability to create and join other groups

Joining the SE-PIF group is an easy three-step process:

1)      Register as a member of Griffin Groups

2)      Log in

3)      Click the “Join group” button on the SE-PIF group page

More information about how to use Griffin Groups is available in the “How to” group. We will also make announcements in the coming weeks about webinars on how to use this tool. For more information about the new website, Griffin Groups, or to arrange for a webinar, please contact Ed Laurent at