Your SALCC Steering Committee (SC) convened its annual face to face meeting in Columbia, SC March 19th-21st.  Although the SC meeting meets via conference call monthly this is an opportunity to have more in depth discussions, take stock of progress, and set strategic direction for the next 12-18 months.  These face to face meetings are also important in forging personal relationships that are the foundation of any successful endeavor.

I am pleased to report that the meeting met its objectives.  My observation was that the time and effort was value added in continuing and strengthening the commitment of the SC organizations to the Cooperative’s mission.  A few highlights are as follows:

  • The SC recognized Mallory Martin’s 21 month contribution as the inaugural chair of the SC.
  • Marshall Williams (vice chair), DOD Regional Environmental Officer, Southern Regional Environmental Office, assumed the chair of the SC;
  • Mike Harris, Chief, Non-game conservation section, GADNR, was elected to serve as vice chair of the SC;
  • The evaluation of the Cooperative’s efforts during year one of the strategic plan resulted in high marks overall, with some specific recommendations for improvement;
  • The SC adopted the recommended natural resource indicators and targets and associated testing and revisions process;
  • The SC directed the staff to ramp-up the level of effort to develop the shared conservation blueprint.  They set a goal of completing version 1.0 within the next 12 months.  Staff is currently working to provide a high level work plan that reflects this strategic direction.

The meeting agenda, notes, and presentations can be found here.  A summary of year 1 accomplishments can be seen here.