Last week, the South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee approved your recommended indicators and targets for natural resources. Great job everyone for all your creative and practical thinking on those! I’ve been hearing lots of kudos on the results from diverse folks in the South Atlantic region, the Southeast, and even nationally.

Now it’s time to start the testing and revision process. During the Raleigh and Savannah workshops, when folks from different organizations talked about lessons learned from their efforts to select indicators, one clear message was that no one gets it perfect the first time. That why we had a group develop a testing and revision process at the same time we were selecting indicators and targets.

The testing and revision process provides a way to test the ecological, practical, and social criteria used to select indicators. Those results are then used to add, modify, or remove indicators as needed. Your cooperative now needs your help on what ecological assumptions to test in this process. Are there some species, habitats, or ecological processes you care about that weren’t chosen and you’d like to see how well the current indicators work to represent them? Are there some assumptions being made about how well certain indicators work you’d like to see tested? We have a great start already based on suggestions from the expert reviews and the Indicator Selection Team but it’d be great to hear additional thoughts and suggestions you have.

View the indicators and targets

Suggest something to test in the indicator testing process