In serving as your Steering Committee Chair for the SALCC, I have been surprised numerous times by the level of accomplishment achieved by this fledging partnership. When we began, the concept of landscape conservation across multiple jurisdictions and resources was a new approach, and no one was quite sure how things would work out. However, just in the last year, a number of significant accomplishments highlights the value and importance of this approach (2012 Goals and Accomplishments). This recent body of work is significant in other ways as well; each effort complements its predecessors and contributes to fulfillment of the Cooperative’s strategic plan while enhancing the number of partners, contributing organizations, and collaborators. In my experience, it’s rare that an initial start-up group can accomplish so much in such a short time.

I have also been extremely impressed by the dedication and hard work of the SALCC staff. Under Ken’s leadership, the staff has maintained an essential and clear focus on science, and the products of our collaborations have already contributed to furthering conservation on a regional scale. The critical component of communicating results is another successful example of a partnership at work. 

We have a lot to be proud of in the SALCC, including the level of commitment shown by all participants in the SALCC. The leadership of the steering committee is in good hands with Marshall Williams (Dept. of Defense) as chair, and Mike Harris (GA DNR Wildlife) as vice-chair. I encourage all partners to continue their participation in this worthy endeavor, and I especially appreciate the opportunity to have served as your steering committee chair.