The Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment (GCVA) Steering Committee held a series of webinars for project team members from Jan. 17th to Feb. 27th. The purpose of these webinars was to share information about several ongoing projects that support the goal of the GCVA to provide a better understanding of the effects of climate change, sea level rise, and land use change on Gulf Coast ecosystems and their species. Below is information about the presentations given during each webinar and a link to the recording. I hope that you will find this information useful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions (

Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment Webinar Series 

January 17, 2013: Decision Support Tools for Adaptation Planning

     The Nature Conservancy Resiliency Project
           Jorge Brenner, Associate Director of Marine Science, The Nature Conservancy


January 23, 2013: Scenario Planning and Available Downscaled Climate Projections

     Using “Alternative Futures” to assist Landscape Conservation Planning in Florida including urbanization     and Sea Level Rise as Drivers
           Steve Traxler, US Fish and Wildlife Service

     Continental-scale statistically and dynamically downscaled climate projections
     Adam Terando, USGS Southeast Climate Science Center


February 6, 2013:  Understanding the Impacts of Changing Conditions 

     Identifying ‘future’ conservation land on the Texas Gulf Coast
           Kris Metzger, US Fish and Wildlife Service

     Gulf of Mexico Alliance Sea Level Rise Studies for Coastal Marshes
           James Pahl, Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority


February 13, 2013: Sensitivity of Coastal Ecosystems to Climate Change

     Assessing Climate Sensitivity &Vulnerability in National Estuarine Research Reserves
           Kiersten Madden, Mission-Aransas NERR

     Winter Climate Change and Coastal Wetland Foundation Species: Saltmarshes vs Mangroves
           Mike Osland, USGS


February 27, 2013: Modeling Changes in Coastal Ecosystems due to Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

     Ecological Effects of Sea Level Rise Project and Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative
           David Kidwell, NOAA Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research

     Refuge System Landscape Vision
           Steve Sesnie, US Fish and Wildlife Service