There are a lot of folks out there working to make sure what we’re doing as conservation community in the South Atlantic is adding up to something bigger. This would be a really long post if I highlighted everyone. And that’s just the folks and efforts I know about. So, I wanted to quickly highlight a few of the cross-LCC coordination events that happened over the last month.

Appalachian LCC Steering Committee

Last week, I was at the App LCC meeting to help share lessons learned from the SALCC indicator process. Mike Harris (GA DNR), Ellen Mecray (NOAA), and Rick Durbrow (EPA), all steering committee members for both the SALCC and AppLCC, were there thinking about how integrate SALCC and AppLCC efforts. Rachel Muir (USGS), a tireless advocate for linking aquatic conservation efforts across the entire Atlantic Coast, stepped up to help lead the aquatic indicator effort for the AppLCC. The breakout group discussing indicators also talked about potential trade-offs for certain resources across LCC boundaries. Since we can’t save everything, maybe the Appalachians can help protect certain things the rapidly urbanizing South Atlantic can’t and vice versa. Great idea!

Monthly Southeast LCC Science Coordinator Call

John Tirpak (GCPO LCC) and I were talking a few weeks ago about some cross-LCC issues. We realized two things: 1) Almost everything we talked about was relevant to the other Southeastern LCC Science Coordinators and 2) It was time to move beyond the informal calls we Southeastern Science Coordinators have with each other. So, this Friday we’re starting a monthly Southeast LCC Science Coordinators call to share updates and talk about ways to integrate efforts throughout the Southeast.

Quarterly Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Call

Thanks to a suggestion from Mitch Hartley (ACJV Coordinator), there’s now a quarterly call with the staff of the Atlantic Coast LCCs and the Atlantic Coast Bird Joint Venture. These have been a great chance to talk about landscape issues that effect the entire Atlantic Coast. It’s great to have folks like Mitch, Tim, and Craig helping integrate the Atlantic Coast LCCs.

Other efforts this month

I could go on and on. I didn’t even mention the efforts to link aquatic planning across the Southeast that Cathy Phillips (USFWS, SALCC SARP Liason) has been involved in, the connections Wilson Laney (USFWS) has been making at partnerships crossing LCC boundaries, the science discussion last week fostered by Jerry McMahon (Southeast Climate Science Center), the latest on the Gulf Vulnerability Assessment, the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy, and that’s just over one month!