The SALCC formed a small socioeconomics working group, the purpose of which was to identify the role socioeconomic science and techniques have to play in the work of the SALCC, and identify actions the SALCC should undertake in 2013.  The group seemed to gel around the idea that the niche for socioeconomics lies with the facilitation of conservation investment by non-traditional partners and recommended that the following be undertaken in 2013.


1. Perform a stakeholder analysis of key potential investors like utilities, local governments, planners, Red Cross, and FEMA.

2. Incorporate the EPA’s EnviroAtlas into the South Atlantic LCC Blueprint.

3. Explore the use of the Social Vulnerability Index or other methods to target sustainable economic development efforts.

4. Include in the South Atlantic LCC Science Assessment the following science needs:

I’ll keep you posted as I pursue these actions.

Thank you,

Janet Cakir