The Your Wildlife folks at NC State are looking for citizen scientists (regular scientists too)!

We’re asking you to collect and send us 5-10 dead, adult 17-year cicadas from locations throughout the emergence range. We’ll measure the impact of urbanization by looking at the “crookedness” of their body parts – that is, to what extent do the length, width, and shape of parts on the left and right sides of the cicada bodies differ from one another? Research on other insects suggests that increased exposure to environmental stress during development (stress like pollution or warming – things that might happen more often in the urban environment) results in increased body “crookedness” – Is this the case with the 17-year cicadas?

So what are you waiting for?! The cicadas are out and about RIGHT NOW! Get out there and grab some dead cicadas!

Click here for more information on the Urban Buzz Cicada Project – including background material, instructions for collecting and data forms.

The clock is ticking — GO! GO! GO!