Things are starting to get ramped up for the development of version 1.0 of the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint. This first version will certainly not be perfect, but it should provide an actionable and spatially-explicit map depicting the places and actions need to sustain the ecosystems of the South Atlantic in the face of future change (climate, sea-level rise, urban growth, etc.). 

The first step in collectively building this blueprint is understanding why some conservation designs/plans are being regularly used while others just sit on the shelf. I’ve been interviewing folks throughout the cooperative about what conservation designs they’re currently using and what they like and don’t like about them. Lot’s of really useful suggestions have already emerged and I’ll be continuing the interviews throughout the year. If you’d like to talk about your experiences, just let me know (

I presented the results of the interviews so far during the first meeting of the Conservation Design Team. This team is made up of regional experts in conservation design. If you’ve been involved in design efforts over large areas you’ve probably worked with at least one of them (probably more). Discussions about potential methods and ways to get you involved in Blueprint development are ongoing. Expect more details about the blueprint process in next month’s newsletter.

Here are some key dates to keep in mind:

  • March 2013 – Natural Resource Indicators approved
  • June 2013 – Web forum: South Atlantic LCC indicator models
  • August 2013 – Web forum: Draft State of the South Atlantic (past, current, and future of South Atlantic indicators)
  • Fall 2013 – Regional workshops to guide blueprint design
  • January 2014 – State of the South Atlantic complete
  • January 2014 – Draft South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint released
  • March 2014 – South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint 1.0 complete