Official launch of the Early Career Climate Forum: A network of early career climate science researchers and professionals

The Early Career Climate Forum (ECCF) is a network of early career climate science researchers and professionals dedicated to improving research and practice through collaboration and communication. The ECCF grew out of a week-long workshop, known as the Northwest Climate Science Bootcamp, which was sponsored by the Northwest Climate Science Center (CSC), and held in August 2012 at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest in Blue River OR.  Over the past year, the attendees of the bootcamp have evolved into the ECCF and developed a platform that fosters collaboration and communication among early career students and professionals at the CSCs and affiliated partner institutions. The mission of the ECCF is to be 1) a science-based, neutral venue for communication, collaboration, and professional development for members and supporters, primarily those affiliated with CSCs, and 2) an accessible outlet, forging bridges between people who study climate and its social-ecological impacts, with others who wish to learn about climate science. The ECCF website currently features over 20 blogs under three themes of 1)  exploring new ideas in climate change science and practice (“Tip of the Iceberg”), 2) our latest research findings (“Notes from the Field”), and 3) lessons learned in professional and academic development (“Early Career Lessons”).  The website also has several interactive forums for website members to post job opportunities and upcoming events, as well as engage in less formal discussions on climate-related topics. This June, the ECCF is conducting the official launch of the website, and is actively recruiting students, post-doctoral fellows, and early career professionals across the national CSC network. Initially, the ECCF network endeavors to comprise the eighty or so student and post-doctoral fellows supported by and working at the CSCs, and will open membership to the public in the future. New members are welcome to join the ECCF, write blogs, and contribute to forums. 
Please contact Kristin Timm, ECCF coordinator, at for more information on how to join, and visit the ECCF at