Hi Everyone,

    There’s a conference that will take place here in Raleigh on Sept. 19th and 20th.  http://energync.org/blog/ncsea-news/2012/12/28/2013-making-energy-work-conference-sept-19-20/  I’ve been in touch with the organizers and they seemed interested in our work.  They’re trying to create an event that is highly interactive and conducive to networking.  To do that they’re identifying some “Firestarter”, statements that are controversial that will be used to start discussion around some key topics:

gap btw. industry and getting things to market

what infrastructure do we need for the future? – gray and green?

community programs – solar gardens?

water/energy intersection

what does a sustainable future look like?

What’s missing in our energy plans – what are we not tackling?

Haves vs. have nots – moral responsibility of energy.

Do you have an idea for a firestarter statement that bring together one of these ideas or topics with conservation?  I would like to propose several to the organizers in the hope they will use one to spark some brainstorming within the energy industry on ways we can work together.